The first two rules when filing for an uncontested divorce (or legal separation) in Washington State are  :

1)  Make sure that you are using a paralegal
    service with an ON-SITE ATTORNEY that
    reviews the final typed documents as part of
.   the service they provide, and  ...    
2)  That the company doing your paperwork is
      located in your home state of Washington.

Peaceful Separations covers these two rules,  and provides more customer service for your case than any other document preparation company.  We are the experts in Lincoln County (no going to court) cases.  Our business serves the entire State of Washington.

Services provided by Peaceful Separations cost as little as $300 for a divorce without minor children (filing fees extra) and  INCLUDES document review by our on-site attorney.  There are no court appearances needed, plus, we do the filing "footwork" for your case from start to finish.  We know of no other paralegal service that does those two things for you.

Call us today to be certain that your paperwork is being created legally and prepared correctly.  We also "repair" other online divorce service's poor or incomplete work.

Wills (Snohomish County Only) provided by Peaceful Separations at a flat-rate of  $100, also INCLUDES attorney document review.

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